Company Values

The following principles govern the work of CNS Translations©:

  • Act, do not only react
  • Punctual and goal-orientated
  • Livin expertise
  • Cost-conscious way of working

Act, do not only react
CNS Translations© pursues the principle of offering its customers more and thus provides services that go far beyond the requested translation enquiry. Among other things, CNS Translations© advises clients on proofreading work or provides helpful tips on graphic editing.

Punctual and target-orientated:
When it comes to translation jobs, time pressure is almost always in the background. However, this should not be an excuse for inferior quality – quite the opposite! CNS Translations© focusses on ensuring that all projects are completed in a target-oriented manner, on time and with impeccable quality. Direct customer contact is one of the most important aspects for CNS Translations©, which is why video calls and WhatsApp are everyday work tools.

Living expertise:
Expertise is the capital of CNS Translations©. Graduate linguists do not simply learn foreign languages. Studying to become a specialist translator is one of the most difficult degree programmes, as you not only learn language skills in the everyday language, but also acquire a high level of language proficiency. In addition, linguistic training requires knowledge of cultural differences and specialised fields such as economy and technology. Digital knowledge about the use of the latest technologies is a matter of course for professional translators.