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The company

CNS und Kugel blau, Rahmen

CNS Translations© is a modern translation agency for all those who want to see rapid results. For all those who don’t want to beat about the bush and prefer investing their time in more important things than in hours of researching for the best translator.

Whatever you need, a translation, a certified translation or interpreting services like simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or chuchotage interpreting, CNS Translations© will always be your best partner.

CNS Translations© is a translation agency based in the administrative district of Kronach in Upper Franconia. Thus, urgent translations for especially the regions Kronach, Lichtenfels, Coburg, Bayreuth and the surrounding areas are no problem.

 “My language’s boundaries are my world’s boundaries.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), Austrian philosopher

The upper quote easily describes which obstacles we encounter day by day in our present world of globalization. The exchange with other cultures and the contact to people of another origin involved are nowadays daily business.

CNS Translations© was founded to eliminate the language barriers which could impair your business life and to guarantee a smooth operation of your business. In particular four basic business principles play an essential role with every single order at CNS Translations©:

  • Active

The slogan “act instead of react” quite accurately describes how CNS Translations© works in a project. It is quite improtant that a translation agency does not only translate what it is paid for. It should also give advice and help its customers where possible. Direct customer contact is one of the most important aspects at CNS Translations© and Skype, short messages or Whatsapp are welcome ways of communication.

  • Just in time and goal-oriented

Nearly every translation order is pushed for time, but that should not be an excuse for lower quality. CNS Translations© focusses on a goal-oriented process, customer satisfaction, and high quality which comes in time.

  • Professionally qualified

The professional qualification is one of CNS Translations©’ biggest strength. With the linguistic education and the passed university degree course of specialist translating, translations needed in the subjects economy and technology are mostly no problem. It is understood that CNS Translations© always uses state-of-the-art translation software and technologies.

  • Cost-concious

CNS Translations© always works cost-concious in your interest. Transparency and a clear cost structure are the be-all and end-all. Furthermore, you often get discounts which other translation agencies do not even think about.


The profession of state certified translator and interpreter

When you are a state certified translator and interpreter, publicly appointed and sworn for a particular language by the court, you quite often have to justify the choice of your university degree course throughout your life and explain everyone why you have chosen this job.  Questions like “Do people need you?”, “Can you make a living with this job?” and “Wouldn’t it have been better if you had chosen another university degree course?” are ordinary.



However, the fact that many people believe a translator or interpreter wouldn’t be important or is not worth his money, is just because most of these people are not often enough in contact with people of other language origins in order to judge this right. One might only consider how a business meeting would proceed between companies from Zimbabwe and Norway when no one knows the language of the respective other party; quite easy: it would not even occur. Also no contracts would be signed. Exactly for this reason exists the job of a professional interpreter and translator to remove language barriers which could impede smooth business.

Unfortunately, it is true that basically everyone could say he is an interpreter or translator as this is not a protected job description. However, in a narrow sense also everyone could claim he is a mechanic, baker or painter, but whether he is able to repair a car, bake bread or paint a wall will be seen only just in the end. Often translate people who do not know much of the respective foreign language, translate their texts themselves or place the order at the first and cheapest translation agency they can find. However, in the end the translated document will not have a higher quality than paid. Will be the business negotiations successful in the end?

The question is “How would our world work if nobody could speak and if no one would understand the others?”

Anyhow, it would look completely different. Most of the people do not think much about language in the course of their lives as it is quite natural and there are more important things to rack ones brain about. This might be true, but as studied linguist I know that language is our gate to our environment; it is the key to success and also to failure. Language is an important instrument and unfortunately this instrument is often unnoticed. Thus, numerous jobs become a complete flop, people get in conflict or it comes to the worst case and one gets accused.

However, at the latest when a company or a private individual is sued due to the fact that it or he made false statements in a foreign language, did not care about cultural differences or insulted somebody involuntarily, it will be quite clear that a professional translator would have been worth his salt.

Studied linguists do not simply learn a lot of languages. The professional job of an interpreter and translator comprises much more: the needed linguistic knowledge goes past the everyday language, most of the time technical terms and a higher register are needed. This is why a translator and interpreter havs to know the cultural differences and also the contents of the respective subject.

To keep a long story short: translator and interpreter are professional jobs and there are several reasons why this is a job description, a university degree course and why CNS Translations© was founded.