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You urgently need a translation? Preferably the day before yesterday? Your business meeting needs to be held spontaneously in a foreign language? That’s perfect!

Welcome to CNS Translations© the modern translation agency which is aware of the fact that it would be best to have everything immediately. Please feel free to contact CNS Translations© any time considering individual questions or non-binding offers. Simply use the information request, write an email or contact us by phone, also via WhatsApp.

General information is provided on this website.

“Those who don’t speak another language don’t know anything about their own.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832), German poet, scientist and statesman

Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe knew it back then – and it still applies today. Right now, when globalization is no more a foreign word, the world’s languages clash and exactly then a professional translation agency as CNS Translations© comes into play.

“Speak the world!”