Types of translations

The world doesn’t just speak one language, so translations are needed every day and around the clock. It is up to the translation to ensure that communication takes place at all. It should avoid errors and ensure that the correct information is passed on.

Professional translations therefore also take into account technical and country-specific peculiarities, cultural differences and room for interpretation.

Which translation types do exist?

Technical translations

Technical translations are translations about a very specific topic. Technical translations are for instance texts about the financial system, technology, medicine or also about the legal system. These kinds of translations should be done by experts as every industry has its own professional jargon. Among other things, for example a doctor should be able to exactly understand the information about a patient. His foreign colleagues should be able to understand the information the same way.

Technical translations are also daily business in other industries like, for instance, the building or marketing sector. If a company wants to establish itself all over the world, technical translations for the international success are absolutely essential. Only this way, companies can settle down on foreign markets.

If one needs a technical translation, he or she needs a technical translator. Besides an academic education, those translators have also practical experience. Thus, they have the knowledge needed to choose the correct terminology. They are also aware of synonyms to avoid ambiguity.

Express translations

Most of the time, a translation is needed urgently. It might be a French email you do not understand, but have to answer today or the contract with your foreign business partner which needs to be translated asap as the further business processes are dangered to be on hold.

These cases of emergencies are the reason for express translations. You have several advantages: you stay a competent business partner as you are understandable and are always one step ahead of your competitive.

CNS Translations© will accept your order and will rapidly deliver the translation with exactly the same quality as all other translations. Of course, the definite processing time depends on your order’s scope. After the inspection of the documents, CNS Translations© will inform you about the delivery period you can rely on.

Software and website localization

Internet presence is often the first customer contact. This means it is very important that your website and your software perform in all foreign languages as in your own language. However, you often have to face unexpected challenges for the translation of your website or your software. Not only the content of your website has to be translated, but also every control panel, user interface, help file, manual, system and error report.

The operator convenience must not be underestimated. In case a user does not like a page, he soon will leave it. Your Internet presence will only appear serious, when all processes run smoothly and when the user understands everything on the page. Increasing globalization is the leading argument for website and software localization.

However, in order to realize the translation of your products, the first step is to internationalize the technical base of your website. This means that all locatable elements, as data and time format, are separated from the source text and can easily be translated later on into the desired foreign language.

If desired, CNS Translations© will also translate your link texts and will insert country-specific keywords, which help to find your website quicker by help of foreign search engines. This way your texts are adapted to the destination country on a local, linguistic and cultural level.