Tips for customers


Before you request a translation, it makes sense to clarify the following points in advance to make life easier for you and CNS Translations©. This is the only way to guarantee a quick turnaround and contribute to the success of your project.

1.    Reason for the translation

It might be that you want to marry, have to register a child, come into an inheritance, or file a petition for pension, citizenship, visa or the like. It could also be that you need the translation of a certificate of registration. Whatever the reason for your translation will be, you should tell CNS Translations© what you need the translation for in order to receive the finished document you really need.

2.    Certified translation – yes or no?

It would be good to know beforehand whether you need a certified translation or only a normal foreign version of your text. This is not only a difference in price; also many authorities only accept certified translations. Please inform yourself in advance about whether a “normal” translation would be enough for the institution you need the translation for. Basically, it is possible to certify a translation also afterwards, but often this will be more expensive.

3.   Timescale

Especially in case you need a certified translation, you should plan some more extra time for the translation process. The fact that a certified translation is only valid with the original documents excludes sending the finished translation by email or fax. The worst case could be that your translation will not be finished on schedule or at least will be more expensive due to urgency fees or high business expenses if you didn’t plan enough time for the whole process.

4.   Legibility of the original documents

Is your text legible? Mostly, electronically sent documents are easy to read, but this can be completely different with handwritten or very old original documents. Please assure that all documents are legible (no blurrings, no deletions, faded passages etc.) and please add explanatory notations on an additional printed piece of paper in case of doubt. This can help to considerably shorten the time of the whole translation process.

5.   Format of the source text

Does your original document have a common format? It is recommended to send the files in formats like MS Word, Power Point or Adobe Acrobat Writer. Please make sure that your documents are sent in such a format because otherwise, the operating process will be unnecessarily prolonged.

6.   Abbreviations

Your text contains abbreviations? Even if your text has common abbreviations, please provide CNS Translations@ a complete list with descriptions of all abbreviations as there are several abbreviations with more than one meaning.

7.   Flawed documents

Please keep in mind that a translation agency has to comply with the original documents and is not allowed to correct anything in the translation even if your original documents have mistakes (for example misspelled name or date) you can prove with attached documents. It is recommended to contact the issuing authority and let amend the mistake before placing the translation order. This way you can save a lot of time and unnecessary costs!

8.   Reference material

If you have available any reference material which could be useful for the translator, please send it together with the order (but please mark the reference material to avoid fallacies). Reference material could be for instance earlier versions of the text, links to websites or screenshots.

9.   Non-latin names

In case your source text contains non-Latin names in official documents (f.ex. passport), please tell them CNS Translations© already when placing the order in Latin letters. It is especially important when you need the translation of a certificate which would become invalid when names are written differently in the translation than in the original document.

10.  Company intern terminology

In particular bigger companies often have their own intern terminology. If this is also the case with your company, CNS Translations© will need all necessary information to translate your documents in line with your corporate identity. Please tell us company intern and specific terms which have already a fix translation or which should not be translated as they are declared as proper name.

11.    Publishing of your documents

You should plan a bit of extra time if you want to use the translations for print or want to put the new text in a refreshed layout for your website. This way, the translation will be finished in time.

12.   Placing of the order

Feel free to send your scanned documents by mail or by email. Please tell CNS Translations© which documents need to be translated into which language and how many copies you need. Furthermore, you should provide personal information (name, address, telephone number).