The cost of a translation depends on factors such as language, subject, format of the original text and urgency. An exact fee estimate is only possible after viewing the documents.

Translation fees

On international basis, prices are usually dependent on the word number in the source text.

In the German-speaking market however, prices are usually determined by standard lines. Due to the possibility to connect nearly any number of words in the German language, a settlement according to the word number would reflect the text’s scope quite inaccurately.

So this is why the prices for translations from German into a foreign language are determined by standard lines in the German source text and the prices for translations from a foreign language into German are determined by the number of words in the source text.

The prices from CNS Translations© are in accordance with the German Justice Remuneration Law, which states under § 11  translations fees to the amount of € 1,80 to € 2,10 per standard line. A standard line has 55 key strokes (including spaces). Bullet points are charged as standard line.

The word price for translations from a foreign language into German is between € 0,20 and € 0,30 for simple to very difficult translations including research and formatting effort.

Scientific texts, texts of a difficult specialized area, advertising texts for a certain target group and texts with many technical terms are charged with another 25 %.

Very urgent translations that are needed within a weekend or during holidays are charged with another 50 %.

In case of re-translations, subsequent changes, etc., I will charge € 50.- per hour. These fees are for texts of all kinds, specialized texts, advertising texts and prospectus texts to a certain level of difficulty.

Certified translations

Translations of official documents, certificates, confirmations, etc., in particular for the use with authorities, offices, universities, schools and employers, are charged the same fee of € 68,60. 

In case a document has more than 20 lines, the price will be determined by standard lines.

The price for the certification of the translation makes another € 15,90.

The certification of documents which have been translated earlier is charged with another € 20,80 plus € 19,80 per page for checking and possible correcting.

For every additional version of a translation only the respective fee for the certification will be charged.