What is the sense of contacting a professional translation agency?

Should I contact a translation agencyyes or no?

cropped-Stempel.jpgDue to growing globalization, sooner or later nearly every company and also every civilian will need a translation. Of course there are innumerous possibilities to simply and quickly receive a free translation in the Internet. However, oftentimes the result is incomprehensible and thus unsatisfying.

It might be correct that machines can remember the right vocabulary, but syntax, singular, plural or the correct tense are often not considered. Let alone the difference of various language regions like, for instance, American and British English. You cannot compare the quality of a translation prepared by a professional translation agency with a sheer computer-produced translation.

It is only natural that companies try to save costs where possible. However, considering rationalization measures, one should realize that it is meanwhile usual to buy several services in our complex and specialized economic world.  Neither do marketing experts design their promotional campaigns themselves, nor do IT experts assemble their computers in a company themselves. It is the same with translation managers.

Translations are economic services like advertising, fiscal advice or IT services. The more complex a subject is the more specific are the respective language requirements. Thus, it is obvious to buy a certain language service.

What will be an excellent translation agency?

A professional translation agency does not translate quietly and secretly in private between piles of dictionaries. It should be quite the opposite: is has to be cosmopolitan and to improve itself all the time!

Language is mutable and so has to be a translation agency; spontaneous, flexible and preferably always available. In particular, smooth organizational processes speak for a good translation agency. Only if customer and contractor work hand in hand with each other, the result will become satisfying.

To ensure the quality standard, specialized translation memory systems, CAT tools and terminology databases should be used as well.

The criteria mentioned before take all top priority at CNS Translations©. Besides professionality, also fast and efficient establishing of contacts, competent and cultural knowledge, fast availability and customer satisfaction are part of this translation agency’s flagship.